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2011-07-10 04:15:24 by StraightendHair

I've been really busy. Because of school and it's unfair-ness to life I haven't really been able to do much on Newgrounds, I haven't been able to do pictures haven't been able to start a flash animation yet or even had time to even FIND a flash animation program so if anybody has even HEARD of me just be patient.

Flash Movies..... May Happen but no animation....well maybe....

2011-06-04 05:28:23 by StraightendHair

I just want you guys to know that I am a art person so don't go thinking I will put up flash movies or something....well maybe.....


2011-06-04 01:10:25 by StraightendHair

Well finally I have a Newgrounds account. It took a while to get but whew I have one !

And remember....